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Welcome, visitors and fellow enthusiasts!

Come explore a space where the art of photography meets technical finesse. Whether

you're here to browse my portfolio, discover recent captures or explore my professional journey, I'm excited to have you along!

I grew up surrounded by a blend of urban and natural beauty in the SF Bay Area and sunny San Diego. New York City is where I currently call home, after having lived for 3½ years in Austin, TX.


Let's get connected!

I'm an Engineering Project Manager at Apple with a focus in automated risk decisioning systems and extracting business insights from data. I'm passionate about building relationships with brilliant people to solve interesting problems. I worked on launching Apple Pay Later, and am working on some more exciting stuff on the way!

I spent a year abroad as an exchange student with Rotary International (2013-14) and, being naturally inclined toward the wonderfully logical Germanic family of languages, learned Dutch in Flemish Belgium. About a year later, I spent a summer traveling around Southeast Asia and took up photography in the process, which are two of my favorite hobbies to this day!

More recently, I've spent some time backpacking around the Caucasus mountains (2021), and soaking up in the Mediterranean sun in the land of my Greek forefathers and mothers, which I try to treat as a yearly medicinal dose of vitamin D.

Countries I've visited. 31 and counting!

I majored in Statistics and Linguistics with a minor in German at UC Davis in 2018, and am currently working on my Master's in Statistical Analytics at Georgia Tech.


Graduated 2018


Expected graduation 2024

I love all things stats and data (yes, even in my personal time) and process-driven thinking, which probably explains my love for strategy board & table games, too. I've done competitive Greek folk dancing since I was 5, and if I could invite any two historical figures to dinner they would decidedly be Marcus Aurelius and J.R.R. Tolkien.


Cooking and trying new recipes are favorite pastimes of mine — ask me to make you a Greek coffee or a frappé sometime!

Challenge me on!

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