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I'm excited to share my website with you. It's something I've put together as a window into some things I love in life. I grew up in the beautiful Bay Area and San Diego, and recently moved to New York City after 3½ years in Austin.

Let's get connected!

I'm an Engineering Project Manager at Apple with a focus in automated decisioning systems, and extracting business insights from data. I'm passionate about building simple solutions to complex problems, and building relationships with brilliant people to do it. I worked on launching Apple Pay Later, and am working on some more exciting stuff on the way!

I spent a year abroad as an exchange student with Rotary International (2013-14) and, being naturally inclined toward the wonderfully logical Germanic family of languages, learned Dutch in Flemish Belgium. About a year later, I spent a summer traveling around Southeast Asia and took up photography in the process, which are two of my favorite hobbies to this day!

Countries I've visited. 31 and counting!

More recently, I majored in Statistics and Linguistics with a minor in German at UC Davis in 2018, and am currently working on my Master's in Statistical Analytics at Georgia Tech.


Graduated 2018


Expected graduation 2022

I love all things stats and data (yes, even in my personal time) and process-driven thinking, which probably explains my love for strategy board & table games, too. I've done competitive Greek folk dancing since I was 5, and if I could invite any two historical figures to dinner it would decidedly be Marcus Aurelius and J.R.R. Tolkien. Cooking and trying new recipes are favorite pastimes of mine — ask me to make you a Greek coffee or a frappé sometime.

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